Our Name Says it All!
Proudly Canadian
About Straight Forward Inc.:

Straight Forward Inc. is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in the transportation of your high value products.

Through experience and dedication to excellence we...

SFI Client Feedback:
Moving a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of restaurant equipment, uncrating and setting into place each time is never straight forward. But always on time and professional is a better name for your company as this is always what I receive when dealing with you . I have been using Straight Forward since day one and have always been impressed with your quality of service and professionalism. You make my job easier.
—Randy Storey, Dayco Distributing LTD

Special Services
  • Blanket-Wrap & Strap
    Straight Forward Inc. Blanket-Wrap & StrapFeel confident that all of your High Value Products will be padded with clean, new, cotton poly furniture blankets and strapped securely using the highest quality electronics, straps and cardboard corner boards, designed specifically for strapping any size object.
  • Tailgate Service
    Straight Forward Inc. Tailgate ServiceWe specialize in those "hard to do" pick ups and deliveries. All of our trucks are equipped with tailgates to service any job. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle.
  • Heated Service
    Straight Forward Inc. Heated ServiceWith built-in heaters and insulated boxes our trucks are specially designed with your freight in mind. Delicate tempurature-sensitive equipment and computer components are safe in our trucks — even in the coldest of winters!
  • Stair Carries
    Straight Forward Inc. Stair CarriesLeading the industry, we know that to do the job safely and efficiently you need the right equipment. "Work smart, not hard," is a motto we live by here at Straight Forward Inc. No expense was spared in purchasing the latest equipment available to achieve any task required by you, the customer.
  • Craning & Rigging
    Straight Forward Inc. Craning and RiggingEvery customer and every job is unique, and each bring their own set of special circumstances and intricacies. Challenge us with your needs. We can handle everything from setting up crames and lifts and all of the challenges that go with them, from rentals to permits, traffic control and signage. There is no substitute for experience. Trust Straight Forward Inc. to get the job done right — the first time.
  • Strategic Project Management
    Straight Forward Inc. Strategic Project ManagementFrom start to finish, let us take the worry out of your next big project or roll-out. We have experience in everything from new equipment roll-outs and installation to used furniture hotel liquidations. Project management, supervision, inventory and product control, warehousing and storage with "pick and page" capabilities. Straight Forward Inc. will definitely impress you.